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Hello! Welcome! Family life here in Southern PA is my joy!!! We moved here all the way from AZ in 2006 after a visit here in 2004 where we fell in love with the area. Plain and simple we took a leap of faith. We took 2 years to make the decision to move and it was right on! We have not been sorry for one minute.

We joined the Quaker faith, it's a good fit. Our children attend public school. They enjoy each day and have learned a great deal. We believe however, that what happens outside the classroom is just as important for their futures. We want those experiences to be nurturing and wonderful.

Tim and I have been married 13.5 years! Oh my. We have been parents since 1997 when our first child was born. We became foster parents in 2005 and adoptive parents 2007. We continue to foster children in our home with placements through the county. So far we have had 9 foster children. We will adopt again and hopefully soon!

The theme of my Blog...."Teach only love" is also the name of a book by G. Jampolsky and also from the "Course in Miracles" it's not my main philosophy in life but I have been drawn to it as well as other philosophies that are similar.

Teach Only Love Because That Is What You Are!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Positive versus Negative or Reality?

Discussion that has evolved over time on Facebook with a few friends. Does positive thinking or Optimism lead to a better life or is it just a way to avoid reality (or something along those lines)? I do appreciate Facebook for bringing me closer to the discovery of cross cultural, multi-religious (or non-religious), across the political spectrum lifestyles. It has brought me You-Tubes as well that range from extremely banal and stupid to those with more deeply crusty subjects. It has kept me in touch with friends I probably would have never reached out to again... it has with the touch of a button on my computer given me the thought of the day around the world. With that said...

There was an article in the NYT Opinion posts that brings to light the positive thinking movement has it's down side as well as detractors. I AM a fan of positive thinking and optimism so this article caught my eye. The writer was talking about health outcomes more than life outcomes... I'm not certain the article has much meaning overall.

I do have to say though that the positive thinking focus can have it's downside.
I would agree that we aren't all dealt a good hand just because we have led a "good" life or come from a "good" family. On the other hand we are not marked for a bad life if we have otherwise made mistakes and knowingly faltered along the path of the righteousness (don't tell my Catholic mother I said that). I've watched good people die... I've seen those who don't seem to care much live a long alcohol/drug soaked life... I've seen good people fall off the wagon and kill others (this is very painful to reconcile)or lose a child violently (as well mind boggling) and I've seen people who had totally selfish pursuits find the God (good) of their understanding and rise up out of the disaster of their own making. It's a mixed bag. Just what is positive and negative as well can have a broad range of definition. Just as life span doesn't mean we have done it right (or wrong)... the meaning of a good life doesn't often come carefully defined and death isn't necessarily a negative.

I really appreciate the discussion overall... thoughts?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I really love the holidays. It's hard sometimes but I do. This one is going better than the last two years. I've scheduled in calm and joy. I've learned it's definitely something you have to schedule in. I had to move chaos off the calendar for a few hours. I had to consciously say no to anger. Stopped doing things that have no meaning (they may have had meaning in the past or meaning to someone else... it takes a question to the heart). I had to stop doing too much. That last one is the hardest part for me especially when people seem to have some authority in my life to tell me to be somewhere at a particular time but I was able to avoid a couple of things that were easily scheduled for another day later. Some things in life have more emotional weight. It takes time to handle and recover from certain tasks. It's also important during the holidays to know that some days just waking up brings emotional weight. The difficulty of mornings that are colder, darker and closer to the holidays with all it's parties and fun fun fun!!!! I thought a few times that I had underscheduled my day but guess what things did come up... a dead battery, a child who woke up realizing that homework had not been done after a tiring night... a sick boy... a friend in need. Never fails that life brings it on.

I just wanted to say... Merry Christmas (Mary!) I don't think there are too many people who read my blog (I may get braver in the New Year and swear once in awhile in here! /snicker/) Happy New Year and a whole lot of peace and quiet to you!

The possible demise of this blog...???

I don't know how to change my primary e-mail address? I tried and it said I couldn't use my new e-mail address... sooo I tried my yahoo e-mail address but my primary e-mail address is still the old e-mail that will no longer exist come the 1st of the year. hmmmm... what to do... what to do?

checking into the help desk here... wish me luck. I really don't want to lose it.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Here I am...

Haven't written for awhile. Just don't know how to get thought out clearly. So so much going on. I guess the truth is my thoughts are mixed and my experiences are even more mixed and varied. It's hard to put it all into words. I go up and down and back and forth with it all. I get hauled away from my words and thoughts frequently and I'm trying to keep it all together here at home. It's not hard to do that but it is hard to keep my focus on where I am at any given time. Bottom line is I'm loving life so long as I remember to put my best self forward. Sometimes things are happening so fast I end up like the junk yard dog... mean and just sitting in it. I thankfully have some restraint but there are times I'd give anything for a quick wit and a strong word to some of the people who are in my way and not at all needing to be there.

I really need to line up my horses in a formation that gets the calvary moving in a strong force. I need to make sure to keep my posse in a good mood. I almost always have to be the leader, the promoter, the entertainer and the healer even with people where that isn't my job. I need to definitely be smarter than "they" are.

Heaven help me as I work my way through this part of my life. With God by my side I will find my way through this and in the end everyone will be better for it!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This picture makes me laugh with a feeling of just lightness. Such cuteness is barely legal in my opinion.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moving on into 2010...haircuts

The girl cut. She had long hair for awhile. I hope there were more reasons for her to cut it than because her sister and I poked her. But even if it the only reason I love her in shorter hair. She didn't go as far as I wanted with a stylish bob but she did let me dictate the wedge going forward to be longer in front by a bit. She loves it but was upset some didn't notice her new do. She was so cute about it by hiding it under a had at one point until she was in her class room.

Oh I Love this boy so much!!! First haircut. He wanted it done and did very well. His sisters both had haircuts. He looks so cute. It was hard to do this because for awhile at least he had the most scrumptious curls and sweet baby face to go with it. Now his hair looked shabby and drabby. It was harder to get it to curl and be cute. So here is the boy. Ta da da da!!!!